Jeff's links page on Ionos

Jeff's links page on Ionos

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epUK gsm logging
My Registered Domains
My Registered Domains, Hosted
Ionos VPS
epUK Office

epUK gsm logging

epUK AWS Logging Index also fixed IP address
Note: There is a to redirect provided by ThinkingFish, but this is http to https, so problematic.

epUK Chelmsford Logging Index, also new fixed IP address was old fixed IP address , IP address changed 2020-05-27_06:00:25
Note: to Fixed IP Address redirect provided by ThinkingFish.

epNeo ThingsBoard, old (Mulfingen server)

epNeo ThingsBoard, new, (Azure server), at now also has the address .

Jeff Ras Pi Logging Index, original

ElComponent login

MyOmega login

Envio login


Ikor, ebmp electronics design & manufacturing, based in Spain

My Registered Domains, registered with, registered with redirects to index page on my RasPi page, registered with - soon to be cancelled due to Brexit, registered with - includes SSL certificate and limited email forwarding

My Registered Domains, Hosted, hosted on AWS, for the epUK main GSM logging website. Billing transfered to epUK - maybe?, hosted on Ionos, for my low cost VPS

Ionos VPS, Ionos VPS, Jan2021, registered with Ionos for use on VPS, Jan2021, Ionos VPS "hello" script, Jan2021, Ionos VPS "hello" script, Jan2021, registered with Ionos for use on VPS, Jan2021, Ionos VPS "hello" script, Jan2021K

IoT ebmp

IoT ebmp index


Jeff's Raspberry Pi links page

epUK Office

epUK intranet

epUK design wiki

epUK webmail

javascript live clock

Hosted on Ionos VPS server

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